The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. A man’s gifted life is changed overnight from the height of happiness to rigorous imprisonment. Edmond Dantès who is fortunate enough to lead a wonderful life with his personal & professional success. Soon to become a captain of the ship, he is engaged to beautiful and young Mercedes. Framed by his envious friends, co-workers and neighbors, he has been charged for political reasons while he was carrying a letter to one of the Bonapartists. The public prosecutor knowing his innocence is about to set him free. However he came to know the letter carried by him was intended to be delivered to none other than his father. He realizes this could make himself into trouble and plot against Edmond and send him to prison for ever. In the prison Edmond meets an intellectual and gathers lot of knowledge from him, including information about a hidden treasure in the island of Monte Cristo. The death of the intellectual and the incidents preceding his cremation opened his way to free from prison and he unearths the treasure from the island. The rest of the story is narrated of his revenge against those people, who made his life miserable by sending him to prison.