In this section you can find B2 English Stories as PDF. Download B2 English Stories as PDF to your computer or devices and read on them again at your convenience. In this way, you can improve your English speaking skills by reading. We recommend that you do your readings aloud from time to time. In this way, you will be able to improve your speaking skills. Acquiring speaking skills unfortunately, cannot be acquired completely by just reading or listening. It is very important for you to learn the phrases and sentences they use by watching them in English discussion TV programs or news.

Jane Eyre
Crime Story
As Time Goes
Anna Karenina
Primary Colors
The Godfather
Sons and Lovers
Robinson Crusoe
The Time Machine
Robinson Crusoe
Heart of Darkness
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Sense and Sensibility
Crime and Punishment
The History of King Richard III
Shakespeare His Life and Plays
Three Great Plays of Shakespeare