The war of the worlds is a science fiction novel by H.G.Wells. Martians came, conquered and finally succumbed to bacterias. We, the humans think, we are the king of the earth over all living creatures. This novel breaks our thinking of supremacy over the earth. This science fiction is written in two parts as the invasion (The coming of the Martians) and Control (The Earth under the Martians) by the Martians over the earth. In fact this novel was published, when human were not equipped to fly. The novel is written as narrated by unnamed protagonist. Unidentifiable cylindrical objects are appearing in the earth. Martians coming out of it look like monsters with a bear size, oily brown skin, lipless V-shaped mouth and large dark colored eyes. Unable to breath in the earth atmosphere, they immediately return to the cylinder. While the military tries to fight with them, but end up killed by the Martians with their destructive weapons. During the end, the protagonist tries to commit suicide, but finding during the course, the Martians found dead due to microbial infections.