The Sea Wolf is Jack London’s another novel with the core theme of Survival of the fittest. An intellectual but soft natured man Humphrey van Weyden is rescued from a ship collision by Wolf Larsen, a brutal, cynical, intelligent and intellectual Captain of a Seal Hunting ship named The Ghost. Wolf Larsen controls the ship and his crew with his arrogance, however somehow takes care of Humphrey. Wolf is combating many situations challenged by his fellow crew members in assuming powerful position of the ship, however he emerges as the winner every time by killing his crew members. In yet another incident a poet named Maud Brewster, who is known to Humphrey as a writer aboard the ship. Soon both Humphrey and Wolf fell in love with her. However Brewster is in love with Humphrey only. As the time passes Wolf Larsen kills many of his crew members and the strength of crew is reduced day by day. Unable to accept the cruelty of Wolf, Humphrey and Brewster sail away from the ship in a boat and reach an island. Meanwhile Wolf Larsen’s brother Death Larsen, who is also a captain attacks him in vengeance and ends up destroying the Ghost. The Ghost finally crashes in the same island where Humphrey reached. The attack left Wolf Larsen paralyzed. In a situation Humphrey wanted to repair the ship, but Wolf Larsen resisting it in spite of his physical condition. However Humphrey takes care of him, though Wolf Larsen’s intentions are known to him. Whether fate or ill-fate of Wolf, he dies while they sail. Humphrey buries him in the sea itself and return home.