The name of story is Carnival and author’s name is Annette Keen. This story talks about Jake and his love Maria .The event starts when Jake went to London and caught the bus and went to the carnival. Jake sat on the bench in Notting Hill. Suddenly, he sees some people in costumes. In the float he sees a girl in a costume with a yellow dress and he loves her . He starts to run behind her to take her number and photo . He got a camera off the table. After that the tourist came back and he didn’t see his camera .He talked to the police man about some thief taking his camera. Next he saw Jake with his camera . The police man took Jake to the police station. The police man saw in Jake pockets and he saw many things .One of the things was the image of Maria and the truth came out because Maria said to her sergeant she went to doctor but she went to carnival.a
Jake arrives in London. It is just the beginning of a holiday weekend. This is the first time the eighteen-year-old guy has been so far from his native Manchester. Jake is very excited. The family stays at home while he is making such an interesting trip of his own. The guy opens the map and thinks where it is better to go first. The choice is the Notting Hill Carnival. Jake gets on a big red bus full of people. There is a large family with many children behind him. The children are making noise and talking about the Notting Hill Carnival. Jake realizes that they are going to the same place. Soon the guy gets to the carnival he has dreamed of for so long. His first trip turns out to be interesting and full of pleasant surprises.