Every year, Peter and Susan go to Lea-on-Sea for their holiday: every year they stay at the Hotel Vista. This year things start to go wrong. A man is pretending to be Peter. But why? Is he friendly or dangerous - what does he want? Will this, their thirteenth visit to Lea-on-Sea be their last? A thrilling and compelling mystery. Recommended for younger learners. 

Paul Stewart (born Paul Sternberg; March 13, 1908 – February 17, 1986) was an American character actor, director and producer who worked in theatre, radio, films and television. He frequently portrayed cynical and sinister characters throughout his career.

A friend and associate of Orson Welles for many years, Stewart helped Welles get his first job in radio and was associate producer of the celebrated radio program "The War of the Worlds", in which he also performed. One of the Mercury Theatre players who made their film debut in Welles's landmark film Citizen Kane, Stewart portrayed Kane's butler and valet, Raymond. He appeared in 50 films, and performed in or directed some 5,000 radio and television shows.