Arthur Joyce Lunel Cary 7 December 1888 – 29 March 1957, known as Joyce Cary, was an Anglo-Irish novelist and colonial official.

 His most notable novels include Mister Johnson and The Horse's Mouth. Arthur Joyce Lunel Cary was born in 1888 in his grandparents' home, which was above the Belfast Bank on Shipquay Street in Derry in Ulster, the Northern province in Ireland. His family had been 'Planter' landlords in neighbouring Inishowen, a peninsula on the north coast of County Donegal, also in Ulster, since the early years of the Plantation of Ulster in the early seventeenth century. However, the family had largely lost its Inishowen property on the western shores of Lough Foyle after the passage of the Irish Land Act in 1882.


Verse (as Arthur Cary, 1908)

Aissa Saved (1932)

An American Visitor (1933)

The African Witch (1936)

Castle Corner (1938)

Power in Men (1939)

Mister Johnson (1939)

Charley is My Darling (1940)

A House of Children (1941)

Herself Surprised (1941)

The Case for African Freedom (1941)

To Be a Pilgrim (1942)

Process of Real Freedom (1943)

The Horse's Mouth (1944)

Marching Soldier (1945)

The Moonlight (1946)

Britain and West Africa (1947)

The Drunken Sailor: A Ballad-Epic (1947)

A Fearful Joy (1949)

Prisoner of Grace (1952)

Except the Lord (1953)

Not Honour More (1955)

The Old Strife at Plant’s (1956)

Art and Reality (1958)

The Captive and the Free (1959)

Spring Song and other Stories (1960)

The Case for African Freedom, and Other Writings on Africa (1962)

Memoir of the Bobotes (1964)

Cock Jarvis: An Unfinished Novel (1974)

Selected Essays (1976), ed. Alan Bishop