This index had its origins in the research I did while working on my dissertation at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago between 2002 and 2008. Its contents are very much at the foundation of my dissertation and eventual book, Sons and Descendants, but there is nevertheless a significant amount of data in the index that had no bearing on those works, being as it is an index of the approximately seven hundred legal economic tablets from Babylonia that date from the years 747 to 626 BCE, when the Neo-Assyrian Empire was the dominant power in Mesopotamia. Initially, the index was sparse in terms of the information it contained, but even when I was first assembling it, its contents benefitted considerably from a grant from TAARII (The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq), which allowed me to spend several months at the British Museum and The Ashmolean Museum in 2005, collating relevant tablets, and a travel grant from the University of Chi- cago, which allowed me to work in the Yale Babylonian Collection in 2006. While I was engaged in these projects, Christopher Walker, Helen Whitehouse, and Ulla Kasten all were tremendously helpful at their respective institutions, and I wish to express my gratitude to each of them.