Patricia Mary W. Barker was born 8 May 1943.

She is a British writer and novelist. She has won many awards for her fiction, which centres on themes of memory, trauma, survival and recovery. Her work is described as direct, blunt and plainspoken. In 2012, The Observer named the Regeneration Trilogy as one of "The 10 best historical novels.


Union Street (1982)

Blow Your House Down (1984)

The Century's Daughter (also known as Liza's England; 1986)

The Man Who Wasn't There (1988)

Regeneration Trilogy:

Regeneration (1991)

The Eye in the Door (1993)

The Ghost Road (1995)

Another World (1998)

Border Crossing (2001)

Double Vision (2003)

Life Class (2007)

Toby's Room (2012)

Noonday (2015)

The Silence of the Girls (2018)

The Women of Troy (2021)