Few scholars have been as important as Bedřich Hrozný in bringing ancient Hittite culture to light after three millennia in oblivion. His contribution to the decipherment of the Hittite language is widely celebrated. His archaeological mission to the site of Kültepe in 1925, on the other hand—partly because it was never properly published—now tends to be dismissed as second-rate work. Although there can be no doubt that Hrozný’s enthusiasm as an archaeologist did not compensate for his lack of expertise, it is upon reexamination of his data possible to extract important information from his work that can add to the results obtained by others. This article reviews the results of his soundings on the mound of Kültepe and connects them to the earlier and later ex- cavations conducted by Ernest Chantre and Tahsin Özgüç. This leads to a proposal fora reconstructed plan of the Warshama Palace in its entirety.