St Aubyn was born in 1960 in London, the son of Roger Geoffrey St Aubyn (1906–1985), a surgeon, and his second wife, Lorna Mackintosh (1929–2005). 

On his father's side, he is a great-great grandson of Sir Edward St Aubyn, 1st Baronet, and a great-nephew of John St Aubyn, 1st Baron St Levan. On his mother's side, he is a grandson of Captain Alastair William Mackintosh of the Seaforth Highlanders,[citation needed] who was briefly married to Constance Talmadge 1926–1927) and Lela Emery (later Duchess of Talleyrand), daughter of the American businessman John Josiah Emery, Sr. He is a great-nephew of John J. Emery, Jr. and Audrey Emery,[citation needed] wife of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia.


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