Birol Cakir English PDF

Birol Cakir English PDF


In this section, we have prepared English Topics as PDF. You can download  your computer or other devices and study again by working at your convenient times. This way you can improve your English  skills. We recommend that you do your work with video from time to time. In this way, you will be able to develop your English skills strongly. Unfortunately,  English cannot be fully mastered with written work. Again, try to study  English from different sources and people, not just one source or person, this will allow you to have a permanent mastery of  English.

1000 Words in English PDF

2000 Words in English PDF

English Adjectives PDF

English Conjunctions PDF

English Adverbs PDF

A1 English Grammar PDF

A2 English Grammar PDF

B1 English Grammar PDF

B2 English Grammar PDF

English Stories PDF

birol cakir english pdf