Germany Business Tourism Visitor Visa

Germany Business Tourism Visitor Visa

 Basic requirements/documents every applicant has to provide:

➤ One completed application form for Schengen visa and declaration of accuracy of information and one recent passport size photo

(see link for the application form on the right hand side for application form and further information on passport photos)

➤ Applicant’s valid passport and one copy of the data page. Please note these important regulations concerning your passport:

(a) Its validity must exceed the duration of the intended stay in Germany by at least 3 months

(b) It must contain at least 2 blank pages

(c) It must have been issued (not extended!) within the past 10 years

 Recent proof of applicant’s current residence in the USA (e.g. utility bill) and one copy

 Original of valid US alien registration card or valid US resident visa (type A, E, F plus endorsed I-20, G, H, I, J

plus J1 document, L, O, R) and one copy

 Evidence letter of employment / student status/ unemployment/ pension letter / that must be recent, in the original signed and one copy. If you are self-employed: business license + last tax return and one copy.

 Confirmed flight (roundtrip)/travel reservations and full itinerary (if several Schengen States will be visited or if the trip covers several Schengen States and non-Schengen countries) with the name of passenger and one copy

 Proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the intended journey, recent bank account statements during the last three months (Bank statements must show the name and address of the owner). We cannot accept Travel Money Cards or cash as proof of sufficient funds.

 If you are financially supported by your spouse / other family member (you don’t work yourself), please also

provide your marriage certificate / proof of relationship and a copy of their passport data page, their bank statements and a working certificate. Additionally, the person paying for your trip has to sign a letter stating that they will sponsor you.

 A health insurance covering at least 30.000,- €, valid for all Schengen countries, including medical treatment,

medical evacuation and medical repatriation back into the USA as well as repatriation of mortal remains. Only insurance confirmation, no letters of employer, is accepted. The insurance has to be issued in either in your country or in Germany.

Visa fee: 80 Euro payable only in US Dollars (the exact USD amount fluctuates according to the exchange rate). Please note that some visa sections will only accept cash or money orders

In addition to the above, you will also need the following documents

depending on the purpose of your stay: Business Visa ( on behalf of your employer, e.g. consulting, training, meeting, audit):

A recent and signed business letter from your U.S. employer. This needs to confirm how long you have been employed, the kind of business relations with the German company, travel purpose, duration of business trip(s) and if applicable a guarantee to cover all travel expenses.

A recent and signed formal invitation from your German business partner, stating the kind of business relations, travel purpose, duration of business trip(s) and if applicable, a confirmation to cover travel expenses and costs of stay. In case you should be invited for several trips over a longer period of time, the invitation letter has to explicitly state this. Should you go on a business trip within the same company, we STILL request a separate letter from each office, USA and Germany. The invitation has to be an original document.

Evidence of hotel booking, confirmed hotel reservations, stating name, address and telephone of the hotel, including confirmation number as well as name of the guest 

Tourist Visa (sightseeing, traveling the country):

➤ Please note that the application has to be submitted to the Consulate of the Schengen country that is your main destination as per the amount of days you are spending there! Only if you are spending an absolute equal amount of time in each country, the application can be submitted to the Consulate of the country that will be your first entry point to the Schengen area.

➤ Evidence of hotel booking, confirmed hotel reservations for all Schengen countries that will be part of the trip, stating name, address and telephone of the hotel, including confirmation number as well as name of the guest, covering all the stay in the Schengen countries and one copy. For travelers on a cruise ship: please provide booking with detailed itinerary and address of first port of entry.

Visitor Visa (visiting family and friends):

➤  Recent, informal signed invitation letter from your host, passport copy and photocopy of residence permit if applicable from the host in Germany OR a formal sponsorship letter (Verpflichtungserklärung), issued by an aliens authority in Germany (Ausländerbehörde) and one copy.