German Skilled Vocational Workers Visa

German Skilled Vocational Workers Visa

As a skilled worker with vocational training qualification, you can be issued with a residence permit to engage in skilled employment that your qualification enables you to perform.

Please note that some university degrees from foreign universities are classified as vocational training qualifications in Germany

 Two (2) fully completed and signed applications including declarations pursuant to Section 54 Residence Act

 Two (2) recent biometric passport photos

 Valid and personally signed passport – issued within the last 10 years, with at least 2 blank (visa) pages

 Two (2) uncertified copies of the data page of your valid passport

 Residence Permit in your country

 Completed form signed by your employer: Declaration of employment (original with two (2) copies)

  From the age of 45: Proof of adequate provision for old age (original and two (2) copies (only if salary does not amount to at least 55% of the annual contribution assessment ceiling for the general pension insurance scheme – 2022: 46,530 € gross/per annum)

 Notification of recognition of foreign vocational training: Written notification of the agency responsible for recognition of vocations in Germany (original and two (2) copies) or (in the case of regulated professions in which permission is required to exercise the

profession, for example, in the care sector; complete list is available from the Federal Employment Agency or the European Commission)

Permission to exercise a profession issued by the authority responsible for recognising qualifications or assurance of permission to exercise a profession (original and two (2) copies) (for example, for medical professions)

 Proof of qualification, for example, diplomas, certificates, work log with translation and proof of completion (original and two (2) copies)

 Proof of housing in Germany incl. full address (e.g. rental agreement, hotel reservation or invitation letter in case of private accommodation with name, full address and passport copy of the inviting person)

Proof of adequate health insurance cover

Health insurance coverage is required at the time of entry into Germany. Usually statutory health insurance coverage provided by the university or future employer only goes into effect when you take up residency and enter into employment/begin with your studies.

If you enter before, an additional private (travel) health insurance in line with

EU standards (covering the entire Schengen area, minimum coverage of 30,000 €) must be purchased for the duration of time until you begin your employment/your studies and

are covered through the statutory health insurance. Please ensure that your travel health insurance does not exclude protection if a long term or permanent stay is planned

 Adults: 75 EUR Children under the age of 18:  37.50 EUR