German Skilled Workers Seeking Employment Visa

German Skilled Workers Seeking Employment Visa

 The visa for seeking employment enables interested foreign skilled workers with vocational training or holding a university degree recognised in Germany to come to Germany for a maximum of six months to find a job that their qualification enables them to perform. If you find an employer within half a year, you do not need to leave again but can apply for the necessary residence permit from the foreigners authority responsible for you in Germany. During your

stay to seek employment, you are not allowed to take up gainful employment with the exception of work on a trial basis for up to 10 hours per week.

 Two (2) fully completed and signed applications including declarations pursuant to Section 54 Residence Act

 Two (2) recent biometric passport photos

 Valid and personally signed passport – issued within the last 10 years, with at least 2 blank (visa) pages

 Two (2) uncertified copies of the data page of your valid passport

 Residence permit in the U.S., e.g. Visa, Green Card, U.S. passport

 Proof of address, e.g. valid driver’s license, utility bill, lease

 Proof of recognition of foreign qualification:

In the case of skilled workers with vocational training: Notification of recognition of foreign vocational training: Written notification of the agency in Germany responsible for recognition of vocational training (original and two (2) copies)

In the case of skilled workers holding a university degree:

Two (2) printouts from the anabin database on the qualification and on the institution or (if the qualification is not assessed as “entspricht” (comparable) or “gleichwertig”

(equivalent) and/or the institution is not classified as “H+”)

Statement of Comparability by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) (original with two (2) copies)

or (in the case of regulated professions in which permission is required to exercise the profession, for example, doctors, engineers; complete list is available from the Federal

Employment Agency or the European Commission)

Permission to exercise a profession issued by the authority responsible for recognising qualifications or assurance of permission to exercise a profession (original and two (2) copies) (for example, for medical professions: decision of the licensing authority in the federal territory, i.e. assurance of permission to exercise a profession

and/or issuing of medical licence)

 Proof of qualification (original and two (2) copies): University degree (all pages). If your university degree does not state the courses you studied, please also submit your transcriptCurriculum vitae with one (1) extra copy

 Letter of motivation for seeking employment with one (1) copy. From the information supplied, it must be recognisable what fields of work and jobs interest you, where you want to apply and what accommodation you will use

 In the case of skilled workers with recognized vocational training: Proof of German language skills at B1 level in the form of a recognized language diploma (original and two (2) copies)

 Curriculum vitae in tabular form indicating professional experience to date with one (1) extra copy

 Proof of adequate financial means

Financing to stay in Germany the applicant must have at their disposal at least €947 per month.

Proof of these means (blocked account to cover all costs) is to be provided in advance when the application is submitted. When submitting an application, financial means

totalling at least €5,682 . In the case of financing in the form of a blocked account: Open the blocked account in

good time BEFORE you apply for a visa. When applying for a visa, only the official confirmation of the opening of the account including information on the amount paid in and the amount available per month will be accepted. A confirmation, which does not include this information, is not sufficient

 Proof of adequate health insurance cover

Health insurance in line with EU standards (covering the entire Schengen area, minimum coverage of 30,000 , valid from the day of entry for the entire stay)

 Processing fee: Payable in cash only. Conversion into USD is made based on the exchange rate at the time of the application