Asylum Seeker

Asylum Seeker

When you apply to the judicial authorities of the countries that granted asylum with documents showing that you have been exposed to Political, Racial, Religious, Sexual pressures in the country you live in, or that your living conditions are not favorable and your safety is in danger, your situation will be examined by the relevant commissions of that country, and if you are accepted, you will be granted asylum. Thus, you will under the protection of that state.

European Union Member States apply "Dublin Agreement"  As of 2017, Dublin 3 is in force and asylum procedures are still carried out according to Dublin 3.

For asylum in other countries of the world, each country's own asylum agreements are valid.

➤ Germany

➤ Netherlands

➤ United Kingdom

➤ Denmark

➤ France

➤ Ireland

➤ Austria

➤ Belgium

➤ Sweden

➤ Portugal

➤ Spain

➤ Czech Republic

➤ Estonia

➤ Finland

➤ Italy

➤ Latvia

➤ Lithuania

➤ Luxembourg

➤ Malta

➤ Slovakia

➤ Slovenia

➤ Norway

➤ Turkiye

➤ Iceland

➤ Switzerland

➤ Liechtenstein

➤ Canada

➤ Australia


➤ New Zealand