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Tag questions ile ilgili cümleler

Simple Present - durum
I am right, aren't I?
I am not stupid, am I?
She is at home, isn't she?
She is not here, is she?
They are rich, aren't they?
They aren't poor, are they?
Simple Present  - haraket
She knows English, doesn't she?
She doesn't know French, does she?
You get up late, don't you?
You don't smoke, do you?
Present Continuous Tense
I am swimminf well, aren't I?
I am not making too much noise, am I?
We are working hard, aren't we?
We aren't making noise, are we?
Simple Past Tense - durum
I was sick yesterday, wasn't I?
I wasn't careless, was I?
She was tired, wasn't she?
She wasn't happy, was she?
Simple Past  - durum
You saw her yesterday, didn't you?
You didn't drive carelessly, did you?
I answered you question, didn't I?
I didn't break it, did I?
Past Continuous Tense
I was listening, wasn't I?
I wasn't sleeping, was I?
They were walking, weren't they?
They weren't running, were they?
Present Perfect Tense
You have aired the room, haven't you?
You haven't eaten, have you?
He has finished his school, hasn't he?
He hasn't done it, has he?
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
You have been sleeping, haven't you?
You haven't been watching TV, have you?
Past Perfect Tense
I had aired the room, hadn't I?
I hadn't broken it, had I?
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
We had been working, hadn't we?
We hadn't been working, had we?
Future Tense
They will come tomorrow, won't they?
They won't come tomorrow, will they?
Future Continuous Tense
You will be working, won't you?
You won't be working, will you?
Future Perfect Tense
She will have eaten dinner by then, won't she?
She will not have gone by then, will she?
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
We will have been doingg it, won't we?
We won't have been doing it, will we?
Ali can help us, can't she?
Ali can't speak English, can he?
You should work harder, shouldn't you?
You shouldn't smoke, should you?
We must be careful, musn't we?
We mustn't make any noise, must we?
She need study, needn't she?
She needn't study, need she?
Be Going To
Tom is going to come here, isn't he?
Tom isn't going to do it, is he?
Tom would prefere coffee, wouldn't he?
I wouldn't buy it, would I?
They could see you, couldn't they?
They couldn't do it, could they?
Should Have
They should have studied harder, shouldn't they
They shouldn't have gone there, should they?
Could Have
I could have done it, couldn't I?
I couldn't have done it, could I?
 Must Have
You must have finished your work, mustn't you?
You mustn't have made this mistake, must you?
Have To
You have to eat less, don't you?
You don't have to study tonight, do you?
Had To
She had to go home early, didn't she?
She didn't have to get up early, did she?
Used To
She used to be a singer, didn't she?
She didn't used to be a writer, did she?
Ought To
She ought to smoke less, oughtn't she?
She oughtn't to stay home, ought she?
She might be late, mightn't she?
She might not be ready, might she?
There is a library here, isn't there?
There isn't anything in the room, is there?