comparison contrast karşılaştırma ve zıtlık ~

comparison contrast karşılaştırma ve zıtlık

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Örnek Yazı
My hometown and my college town have several things in common. First, both are black sea cities. For example, my hometown, Giresun, has a population of only about Three hundred thousand people. Similarly, my college town, Ordu, consists of about A million people local residents. This population swells to Eighty thousand  people when the college students are attending classes. A second way in which these two towns are similar is that they are both located in Green nature areas. Giresun is surrounded by many acres of farmland which is devoted mainly to growing hazelnut and cherry. In the same way, Ordu lies in the center of farmland which is used to raise hazelnut and cherry. 

Thirdly, both of these towns are similar in that both contain college campuses. Giresun, for example, is home to Giresun University, which is famous for its Agricultural Economics program as well as for its annual AKSU-KÜMBET Festival. Likewise, the town of Ordu boasts the beautiful campus of Cumhuriyet, which is well known for its Agricultural Engineering department and also for its yearly Hazelnut festival.

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Örnek Yazı
 Even though Arizona and Rhode Island are both states of the U.S., they are strikingly different in many ways. For example, the physical size of each state is different. Arizona is large, having an area of 114,000 square miles, whereas Rhode Island is only about a tenth the size, having an area of only 1,214 square miles. Another difference is in the size of the population of each state. Arizona has about four million people living in it, but Rhode Island has less than one million. The two states also differ in the kinds of natural environments that each has. For example, Arizona is a very dry state, consisting of large desert areas that do not receive much rainfall every year. However, Rhode Island is located in a temperate zone and receives an average of 44 inches of rain per year. In addition, while Arizona is a landlocked state and thus has no seashore, Rhode Island lies on the Atlantic Ocean and does have a significant coastline.